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Thank you for joining Friends of Guide Dogs. You’ll help us to make a difference to the lives of everyone living with sight loss in your community, and throughout the UK.

To welcome you to the community, we’ll be sending a copy of your welcome pack in the post, along with your pin badge, travel card holder and window sticker. You can also access this pack, your special offers and the online community on our dedicated website:

In the next couple of days you'll be receiving an invite from with the subject of 'Chris Rose has invited you to the Friends of Guide Dogs external network'. Just click 'accept invitation' and you’re moments away from being part of our flourishing online community. We've tested it in all major screen readers and magnifiers - and it's also available as an app for your iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone, so you have plenty of choices about how you can get involved.

We've put together some information on using the online community – it's very similar to using Facebook or Linked In, and it's only open to those who've joined Friends of Guide Dogs. You can view this on our website:

When you login for the first time, you'll need to agree to our terms of use, which are also available to read once you've logged in. Our team of volunteer community assistants and our community manager will be on hand if you need any help – just ask a question when you've logged in. You can also email me if you have any queries.

You’ll start receiving more information about what we’re doing in your area, as well as Forward magazine in your preferred format. We’ll also let you know opportunities for you to get involved and feedback on our services, campaigns and research.

Every hour, another person in the UK goes blind. When someone loses their sight, we’re here to make sure they don’t lose their freedom as well. Through face to face meetings, phone groups and our online community, you’ll enable us to focus on what really matters to you and other people who are blind or partially sighted.

Once again, thank you for joining Friends of Guide Dogs. I look forward to keeping you updated in the future

Kind regards,